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The Roofing Machine

Dominate your market through an inside and out business structure.

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A Proven Concept

Martin Pettigrew's proven concept with over $40 million in yearly gross sales.

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A Customer-Based Mindset To Fuel Growth

In the Roofing Machine, I share a unique business structure that can enable you to grow your sales revenue to over $40 million per year. It is based on the obsession with customers to provide them with what they deserve...the best. I describe the mindset that will create in you an endless hunger to grow and to never place any glass ceilings on your growth. I show you what a business structure looks like at different levels of gross revenue based on my own experience.

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Create a Team Focused on Winning

This book is about raising standards through a Machine that naturally creates a team focused on winning. The fulfillment is in winning. It is easier said than done. This book will show you how I did it.

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