7.26.22 -
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2022 Speaker Line Up

Martin Pettigrew

Roofing Industry Trail-Blazer and Founder of Monarch Roofing

42 Million in Sales in 2021 and pioneer of The Roofing Machine! Revolutionize your model!

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Mark Godaire

$5 Million Roofing Salesman, REEVA Impact Lead Sales Coach, and Roofing Industry Vanguard That Helped launch The Roofing Machine

Mark teaches his P.P.E technique to sold-out webinars, packed crowds, and brings it back home to help other companies in the industry copy his same 6 Steps to Sales approach!

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DaShaun Bryant

Roof Hustlers CEO, Door to Door Sales Trainer, and Roofing Industry Icon

DaShaun brings the heat to the South and makes all-stars with his Million Dollar Sales Program and Hustle Hard, Hustle Smart mentality!

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Patrick Carr

Podcast Champion and FLA Law Specialist

Patrick raises the bar and brings his A game and extensive industry prowess to every event for next level growth and domination! True to the core, this one cannot be missed!

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Dmitry Lipinskiy

Marketing Guru, Directorii Founder, and Roofing Industry Titan

With over 80k followers on social media he is dominating the industry with Roofing Insights and Roofing Business School.

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Elizabeth Calzadilla

Revolutionary Only Roofers Podcast Founder, Founder of Business 411, and the Epitome of the American Dream

Elizabeth illustrates the mindset of what it takes to start at the bottom and earn it! EMCEE + Marketing tips for 2022!

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John DeRosa

Roofing Industry Paragon

John is making roofers into millionaires with his avante-garde approach to creating closers and #DOMINATING from coast to coast! Catch him on July 26th 5-8pm CLOSING SALES CLINIC!

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Joseph Hughes

Contractor Dynamics Leader and Marketing Marvel

Joseph runs up the score by promoting growth-minded confidence for roofing companies to fuel their brand and dominate the game with predictability for success!

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