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We are a highly qualified and dedicated team of trainers preparing novice and experienced roofing professionals to dominate sales, recruiting and executive leadership.

Training Resources

Classroom Training at Reeva University in Myrtle Beach

_ 2-Day In-Person Sales Training

_ 1-Day In-Person Executive Training

_ 1-Day In-Person Recruiting Training

Training at Your Company Location

_ 1-Day Sales Training
(Additional Days Also Available)

_ 1-Day Executive Training
(Additional Days Also Available)

_ 1-Day Recruiting Training

Intensive Sales Presentation Training

Learn how to sell a roof on the spot with our proven expert sales approach. After completing the training, you’ll be a more confident salesperson with a killer presentation template that can be used with future leads.

Intensive Insurance Sales Training

Learn insurance roofing sales techniques, how to interact with adjusters, and how to read an Xactimate report. You will leave the training with a thorough understanding of our Storm Domination Insurance Process for roofing sales.

Psychology of Sales Training

Learn how to transform your entire mindset and close the sale. Some of the things you’ll learn include: how to tell interesting stories; how to gain your customers’ trust; and how to better understand your customers – and yourself.

Online Learning Platform for Continuing Education

This platform will give you access to learning tracks specifically designed to guide new roofing salespeople from introductory to advanced courses relating to both retail and insurance sales. Course topics include: our proven 6 Steps of Sales Success; GAF Products; Psychology of Sales; Taking Control of the Sale; The Insurance Process; and more.

Mentorship Virtual Meetings

Connect virtually with Martin Pettigrew and Reeva Impact’s Sales Trainer, Mark Godaire, the $5 million roofing salesman. This is a valuable time to review sales topics, ask questions and learn from other growth-minded salespeople in the roofing industry. It is a great opportunity for peer learning & feedback.

Value Training Approach

One of the main values Reeva Impact brings is the one-on-one continued education and support after trainees leave our in-person training. A new salesperson will be able to text, schedule calls and Zoom with our trainers. They will become mentors and give ongoing practical advice and guidance throughout the life of your membership with Reeva Impact.

Training for Roofing Business Executives

Reeva’s Executive Training teaches Business Owners and General Managers the same strategies Martin used to grow his company to a successful $40 million roofing business. You will also gain access to a library of documents and save your business time and money with our ready-to-use processes and procedures for a roofing business. Martin’s book - The Roofing Machine - gives you powerful insights into what you can learn from Martin himself by registering for our Executive Training classes.

You can get your copy of The Roofing Machine here.

Targeted Recruiting Training

Matching employees to the right roles in a roofing company is a challenge. With the expertise obtained from years of recruiting and hiring in the roofing industry, our experts train owners, managers, and HR on implementing a mass scale approach to recruiting. We will introduce to profile assessments to find the right candidate for each position, train you on scheduling apps to maximize your time and optimize the interview process, give you valuable interviewing tips and the teach you the ins and outs of virtual interviewing.

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