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Our Three
Training Pillars

Learn how our three pillars
help to increase sales.

Executive Training

With our Roofing Machine training for Executives, you learn how to capitalize on team effort, business structure and technology to grow your business exponentially. You learn strategies to maximize the time salespeople spend on face time with customers, minimizing their involvement with non-sales activities, known as "crumbs". You gain access to a collection of documents, policies, and procedures to help you bullet-proof your organization. Marketing and branding insights are also a part of this pillar.

Sales Training

Our market domination training educates teams on a new approach to sales based on the highly effective 6 Steps of Sales. Professionals learn the skills, mindset and tools needed to dedicate 99% of their work time to acquiring customers. With our training, salespeople master the PPE technique (Professionalism, Passion, Expertise), learn the ins and outs of a killer sales presentation, and develop the building blocks needed to start selling the moment they return from training.

Targeted Recruiting

We work with you on the implementation of our proven mass recruiting process to attract and find the best candidates for each position you need to fill as your company grows to higher levels. We teach you strategies and technologies to find and attract the most qualified candidates. With our Recruiting Training, you learn an innovative concept and a structured recruiting process to guide you from finding candidates and setting up virtual interviews to onboarding your new hires.

What is REEVA Impact?

Our CEO Martin Pettigrew explains Reeva Impact and how we can help your roofing company grow.

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