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To spark a transformation in roofing businesses across the U.S., through sales, recruiting and executive training that delivers massive value and is communicated through world-class speakers based on their real-life success.


To provide every roofing business owner and salesperson with a revolutionary training program for dominating their market and making an impact.


_ Professionalism

_ Passion

_ Expertise

Our Story

REEVA Impact was formed by Monarch Roofing Owner, Martin Pettigrew, who turned his new roofing business into a market dominator reaching $40 million in yearly gross sales. REEVA Impact shares the same sales tools and knowledge that Martin Pettigrew used to grow his business with Business Owners, General Managers, and Sales Professionals throughout the country.

Our Team

Martin Pettigrew

CEO + Executive Trainer
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Mark Godaire

Sales Trainer
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Rob Clemons

Executive Trainer
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Fahyre Panhuis

Operations Manager
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Sharon Lifton

Online Learning Coordinator
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Kris Graham

Recruiting Trainer
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Ashley Foster

Client Relations Manager
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